News from the Flemish Literature Fund

• On 24 February 2010, the winners of the awards for best author and best illustrator of children's and youth books were announced. The Boekenleeuw (Book Lion) 2010 goes to author Kathleen Vereecken for her youth novel ‘Ik denk dat het liefde was' (I think it was love, Lannoo). Vereecken's novel tells the gripping story of Leon, supposedly the son of famous writer and philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

• The Flemish Literature Fund (FLF) was once again present at the international children's book fair of Bologna, from 22 to 26 March. The new catalogue ‘Dutch en Flemish Inspiration', was presented at the fair.
The catalogue is a joint project of the FLF and the Dutch Foundation for Literature to put the spotlight on ten inspiring books. Five of which are Flemish historical youth novels: ‘Jonkvrouw' (Milady) by Jean-Claude van Rijckeghem and Pat van Beirs, ‘Papinette‘ by Kristien Dieltiens, ‘Dolores!' by Noëla Elpers, ‘Allemaal willen we de hemel' (We all want heaven) by Els Beerten and ‘Ik denk dat het liefde was' (I think it was love) by Kathleen Vereecken. The authors each wrote a piece about what has inspired them to write these novels.

Click here to view the PDF on ‘I think it was love’ by Kathleen Vereecken.

The book is being translated in Italian (Salani) and German (Bloomsbury Berlin). The Italian translation will be published in March 2011. The German translation will be published in 2012, on Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s 300th birthday.